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About Us

Herbalgy Pharmaceutical Limited was founded in 1999 and is committed to bringing a high quality, convenient, “Live No Pain” to everyone.

The vision of Herbalgy, “Live No Pain” is to improve the quality of life of every human beings.  Through our professional self-care platform, utilizing the interactive, self-help and education modes of delivery, to reach out towards everyone suffering from “URBAN SICKNESS” who are in pain.  So that these people are able to say “NO!” to pain, enjoy harmonious, high-quality of lives and “LIVE NO PAIN”.

Herbalgy with a well-established history of more than 14 years in manufacturing and marketing of over the counter traditional analgesic medicine.  The principal product that we have manufactured and marketed with success throughout the years is known as Herbalgy Medicated Balm.  This is a multi-purpose household remedy that effectively brings relief to discomforts such as tense muscles and tendons, neck pains, shoulder pains, Joint pains and athletic warm-ups.

In addition, Herbalgy incorporates a list of other brands including Herbalgy Easy Analgesic Plasters (which helped to relieve Neck pain, Shoulder ache, Back pains, Joints associate pain, Sprain, Muscular pains), Herbalgy Touch Cool Pain Relieving Liniment (which helped to relieve shoulder pain, backache, joint pains, strains, muscles pain, minor aches, sports warming up), M3 stimulator massager, M6 stimulator massager, M7 stimulator massager.

Herbalgy products are sold in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and USA.  Our products are available in thousands major personal care chain stores, supermarkets and pharmacies, drugstores.  

We are always striving to establish and build new business partnerships to continue our long standing success and growth.

Furthermore, we have been awarded the Watson's Health, Wellness and Beauty Awards - The Best Selling Proprietary Chinese Medicine Product for the year 2005, 2010, 2012 and 2013.   These Awards are solid proof of the market recognitions.

Wong Tin Chee

Staying healthy starts from managing your tiredness

'Wong Tin Chee', registered traditional chinese physician, with clinical experience, comes from a family with generations of practising chinese medicine. He followed his father Wong To Yick and mother Law Kam Mui to practise chinese medicine and martial

arts when he was a child, to fight his illness. Over the past years, he has been practising with patient as the priority. He also never ceases studying the origin of urban diseases, based on Huangdi Neijing'黄帝內經'.

price to pay for civilization: urban diseases

In the last decades, human have seen unprecedented results in different areas ranging from science, medicine and information. However, they have seen very limited improvement in  fighting urban diseases, including tiredness, exhaustion, headache, back pain, joint pain, insomnia,  anxiety, gestational upset, constipation, stress from work, abnormal weight, cardiovascular diseases, endocrine disorders and  declining immunity. We cannot help wonder if human fail to catch up with the growth of the urban diseases, or they are the by-products of scientific development?

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